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  1. Saphire, I so want to meet you, I will travel anywhere – to The Phillipines or anywhere you want. I will treat you like a Princess, you have become a Goddess to me. I am prepared to spend a lot of money on you. I live in South Asia but come from England. I am a wealthy businessman and really want to meet you – please?

    Harry xx

  2. I have to say you just amazing makes me wanna fly there an be ur slave hehe damn you so fine wow u make me wanna fly there if I was able to meet u I would do it in heart beat I know its big wet dream lol ill keep dreaming hoping it happens

  3. hello sapphire my name is Wesley adair from Chicago ill. I’m a long time fan of you I love all of your movies I’m looking to become a member very soon you are the prettiest shemale lady I’ve have ever seen I love your pretty cock and your pretty toes looking forward to seeing you very soon on your website

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