Vegas Bikini. What do you think?

I love it. Does not quite fit me like it did the girl in the vegas show but I have bigger boobies and a cock and she had a vagina I would guess. Well if she had a cock she hid it well and it was small. Either way I love the way mine looks and I cant wait to wear it in person for one of you guys!


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My cock and Feet!

Hey guys. Check this out. One of the members of my site asked for me to do a foot show so I did. Got my cock nice and hard and then jerked off on them. Shot cum all over my feet and toes. Its an amazing photo set and I’m waiting to hear back from you guys here. Please comment and let me know what you think.

cock and feet

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Asian Tranny Cock. Sapphire Young has the best!

What do you think of this close up of my cock? It does NOT make it look bigger than it actually is, it’s really that big. I was one of the lucky asian girls born with a big thick and juicy cock that shoots loads of batter across anything. From my tummy to my face and even across your ass or face.

Asian Cock

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Sapphire Young likes to dance.

I really do like to dance even though I’m not much of a Ballerina. I like to dress up and pretend and strip and get completely naked and bounce my cock. If you love this sort of thing let me know. I would love to dance with you.


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Sapphire Young in tights!

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More of me, Asian Tranny Sapphire Young

Body Suit and Heels

I love to dress up in sexy clothes. The more lacy and flashy the better. Believe it or not I went to a club in this outfit and had a great time. I dont think there was a man or woman in the club that did not walk by and touch my cock. I came in one guys hand and on a woman’s heels. She loved it and so did I.


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Sapphire Young.