Sapphire Young likes to dance.

I really do like to dance even though I’m not much of a Ballerina. I like to dress up and pretend and strip and get completely naked and bounce my cock. If you love this sort of thing let me know. I would love to dance with you.


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Sapphire Young in tights!

Oh, Do you like a woman in tights? Have you had a chance to walk through a mall and see a hot tranny in tights with her cock tucked back. Wearing heels and a sexy top that shows cleavage and nipples and all?


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More of me, Asian Tranny Sapphire Young

Body Suit and Heels

I love to dress up in sexy clothes. The more lacy and flashy the better. Believe it or not I went to a club in this outfit and had a great time. I dont think there was a man or woman in the club that did not walk by and touch my cock. I came in one guys hand and on a woman’s heels. She loved it and so did I.


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Sapphire Young.

My Photoshoot Ended In A Cumshot

Going over some of my older pictures, I came across a set that is in my members area that I had forgot about.  This was what we called “Cocky Angel” and I was wearing a kind of angel outfit.  Of course I didn’t stay in it very long and that was the purpose of the shoot of course. I do usually have to try and stay hard for a majority of the shoot.  Sometimes I can do this all on my own, but there are times I need that little blue pill to help out.  Photoshoots are not always fun and exciting…..sorry to say.  This day I had taken my pill, but the shoot was exciting as my cameraman was also nude and was playing with me between scene setups.  I ended up being soooooo horny that the last few pics are of me cumming all over the place.  I usually don’t come doing pictures, but this needed to be an exception.  My camera shy cameraman then got the best blowjob of his life from me as a show of appreciation.  Now that was a fun day!


Feeling sexy.  I had now idea what would be happening next.


I was getting so close by this time. He just kept snapping pictures until………


I finally blew.  His reward was cumming right up.

Showing Off My Shemale Curves With My New Dress

Hi again all you sexy people! This isn’t a porn post so I apologize for not being nude…hehe. I just had to show off my new dress I bought at the store.  Like most girls I love pink, and this dress I thought really hugged my curves nice.  I enjoy wearing tight fitting clothes, although I mostly prefer just being nude. Unfortunately I can’t always do that. I know….what a shame.  Anyway, I just wanted to shout a quick hello and show off a little bit.  Thanks……you guys and gals are the best.


Sitting on my back porch on a warm day.


This dress hugs my hips really nice I thought.


My sexy and sassy look.

Check Out What Got Me Off Today

Yes…..once agian, it’s a video of my newest sexual fantasy Keira Verga.  I can’t help it. She just turns me on like crazy! Here she is getting really naughty with a big double headed dildo. I know how good one of those feels and right after the first time seeing this video, I quickly ordered one online. I got it a few days ago and being the kinky tranny that I am, started this video and played along with Keira pretending she was fucking my ass with it before she used the real thing on me. I had an insane orgasm with that dildo buried in my butt.  I’ve heard some of you feel the same way about me. At least that’s what  your emails and comments say. I know how you feel now.