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Asian Tranny Camshows! With real live Asians. Hahahha. Ok guys yes they do have Asian girls on these cam shows and your going to love them! Oh they also have plenty of other girls to chose from but for me, The Asian girls are the real turn on!

First of all, lets talk about Asian Tranny Camshows. These girls will work much harder for your tips than any of the others. Why you ask? Simply because they want it more. They also tend to need it more so they will do more for you on the show. If you like an Asian Tranny with long hair, Sexy firm tits and a nice cock! Then you have found heaven!

Another thing I want to tell you about with the Asian Tranny Camshows is that these girls mostly speak English. You wont find that with the Latin girls. Don’t get me wrong. The Latinas are as hot as hell but the Asian girls are amazing. Honestly once you have seen a few of the Asian girls you might want to compare some of the Latinas.

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Shemale Masturbating With Finger In My Ass

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you are aware of how powerful my orgasms are. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  They feel so damn GOOD!   This is a little shemale masturbating while I have a friend finger fucking my ass.

I used to cum on my face years ago.  That kind of made me famous.  I still have those hot videos on my site for you to check out.

This set was hot to do as I was really horny when I woke up that morning. Not like I’m not horny all the time anyway.  We got to going along in the set and I was so freaking hard! My sometimes FWB was there watching.  He knew what I needed.  He came over and slipped a lubed finger deep in my ass.  WOW!  Talk about a electric shock all over my body.  I shuddered and instantly had a massive cum splattering orgasm

Sapphire Young Masturbating

What the picture above shows is me right before the cum flew.  Talk about good timing on the shot huh?  The whole shoot is hot and I hope you check it out soon 🙂

Close Up Of My Shemale Cock!

I thought you all might enjoy a real closeup view of my shemale cock.  I love showing it to you of course 😉

What would you like to do to it?  Rub it? Suck it? Slap it around a little bit?  I love it all, and let me tell you, the more turned on I get the more I’ll be willing to reciprocate….hehe

Sapphire Young Big Cock

I like how my tight little butthole is peaking out from under my shemale cock.  I’d like to be filled that’s for sure. I haven’t had a cock in quite a while and it’s time I think.  Who can I call? Who can I call?  Do you have any ideas for me??

I’m so ready to explode. Cum inside and help me. I’ll make it worth your while 🙂

Stockings a cock and awesome tits!

Im back with another amazing photo of me. I dont know if its the photographer or me but they seem to come out so sexy. My tits look perfect and my face very pretty and the way the stockings are tight across my hard cock is a turn on even to me.


If you have not seen this set before I am 100% certain you will love it as much as I do and your cock will be as hard or harder than mine when I first shot this.

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XOXO Sapphire

Sapphire Young with her legs spread wide!

Well guys what do you think? I find this image and this set really to be one of the sexiest I have ever done. I love the look and it makes my cock hard to think about you enjoying these photos with your cock in your hand nice and hard and ready to fuck.

Spread wide

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The maids ass!

Does your maids ass look as good as Mine? Can I work for you and clean your pipes? I will need a very short and tight uniform as well as lots of things to do that require me bending over a lot and working with my ass in the air. Its simply the easiest way for you to stick your cock in my ass.

Tranny Maid

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School girl Fantasy with Sapphire Young.

I know a lot of guys have the fantasy of a school girl. Well at least a woman dressed up as a school girl and looking hot and amazing and sexy. So now that you have that in your head! How do you think I look as a school girl? Want to see more of whats up my skirt?

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I can dress up for you any way you like. If your fantasy is a school girl I will be a school girl with a little more. Lots of more actually.

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