Sapphire Young

Sapphire Young!

Sapphire Young the sexy Asian beauty you see in the image below is the fantasy girl you have been looking for. So in reality there is no reason to look further. She is the doll of your life so read on. Born in the Philippines she has traveled the Asian countries and enjoyed an amazing life. She also says that she wants to invite you to visit. Can you just imagine a stroll on the beach after lunch holding her hand. Stopping to kiss at the edge of the water as the waves pass your feet and slowly bury them. If you kiss long enough, maybe you will even get knee deep. Sapphire says kissing is the fastest way to turn her on. So brush your teeth and get ready to have some fun!

Keep in mind that Sapphire also has a website that was built to feature her. To show off the amazing body she has and to basically tell her story. To see that website, just click the link below. Once you have joined make sure to send a message to her and let her know. Also make sure to rate and comment on your favorite photo and videos sets in the members area.

Keep in mind that Sapphire Young is single and wants to meet a man of her dreams. So if you think that you have what it takes you might want to let her know you are interested. She also wants to be able to travel the world and make you the happiest man alive.

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Sapphire Young

Just so you know, that image is a lot bigger than it looks. If you want to see it a little better, right click it and view it in a new window. Its a gift from Sapphire to you!

Also feel free to click on the other posts on this website to see more of her. She is waiting for you.

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Can you guess what else I have for you guys? I have a profile page on a famous chat baord and I wanted to also share that with you. Check out more photos and info about me right here! Sapphire Young

Sexy white angel trans

Sexy white angel trans!

I am an angel.. A naughty, avid angel practicing the art of arousal. Dressed in sexy lingerie, perfumed from head to toe I come today in these pictures that I love because I look divine, don’t I? This is what seduction means in my world, a world where my cock is ever-moist, hard, incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch.

I enjoy my erotic femininity to the fullest. I posed naked in this hypnotizing pictures confident that no man will resist me, they will desire me, want me naked on the bed, to lock with me in a sexual duel. No man can resist my seduction arts. But I practice these arts not just to get a man but to feel most alive.

Sexy white angel trans

High heels Tuesday

High Heels.

Today I did one my favorite things. I went shoe shopping at the mall. I tried so many different styles and colors that it was hard to make up my mind as of which ones to choose. Sandals, boots, wedges, and of course the king of all shoes…high heels. I wanted ones that match my recently acquired set of fine lingerie. I have to admit that as the elegant and sophisticated lady I am I’m crazy about high heels. They never grow out of style and I love to wear them mostly with pencil skirts and silk blouses.

Although I would have bought 100 pairs I only got three pairs. Red, white, and blue. More than enough for the time being, but don’t think I will stay away from shoe stores for too long because shoes are my thing.

High Heels


Sapphire Young Asian Shemale.

Sapphire Young Asian Shemale.

Hello again guys and I am glad that you came back to look at more photos of me. If this is your first visit to my blog, then I want to say hello and welcome! I am Sapphire Young Asian Shemale. Its my name and a brief description of who I am. However I plan to go into a bit of detail in this post for you. I hope that you like to read and want to know more about me, and what I like and do not like. As well as I do hope that you might reply to this and let me know more about you!

Sapphire Young

I was born in the Philippines and still reside there. However from time to time I travel to Thailand and parts of Ching. But it has been some time since I was in China. ( right now that’s a good thing! ) I have also been to South Korea and Indonesia. Travel is one of my passions in life. When I do go to other countries I usually tend to spend as little on housing as I can and try to spend my money on tours and other things. I do love to learn and the hotels are just a place to shower, sleep and well. YOU KNOW!

So a few other things that I like is pet names. I have a friend who talk’s with me all the time on the phone and he calls me Sapphi. Like most men he does like to look at photos of me. But he also likes to chat. Always polite and ready to listen if I need someones shoulder. That is something that I love in a man. Something that I do not like is a man that treats me like an object, or just a trans girl. I am a woman with a bit extra. Wink Wink!

Asian Shemale

For me, I consider myself to be an Asian Shemale rather than a Ladyboy. To me, the ladyboys are the girls that work in the clubs and often the streets. They dance, tend bar and sit with guys trying to get them to buy drinks and things like that. Yes its true most of them are Escorts. However, I don’t judge them on something like that. If that is the kind of girl that you enjoy then more power to you. I hope you have an amazing time every time! As for me, I am a lady and I am lucky enough to have my website so that I do not have to be an escort.

Another thing about me is I actually have a lot of hrm. Well how do I say this be be correct? I have American blood. As you know the Philippines were occupied by the US Soldiers for a long time and my Grandmother had a boyfriend. I have seen photos of him and he was a very handsome man. Tall and white and blonde hair. The soldier loved my Grandmother. However she knew that no matter what he would leave so she asked him for a child. My father.

Anyway this post was to show off some of the things that I like so I wanted to show you the following photos. Its a beautiful dress that I have worn to Night Clubs and to dinner. After you see it please comment and tell me what you think. Is it sexy and hot or do I look like an old lady? Please not an old lady, but tell the truth!

Just to let you know. If you click the images below they will take you to my website!
Sapphire Young Asian Shemale

Now these photos are sexy but I kept them to a limit because I wanted your honest opinion about the dress. Then later after you click to see more, you can tell me about my body!

Sapphire Young

I know that the dress makes my boobies look nice. I also love the look and its why this dress is one of my favorites.

Jijiji in this last photo you will also notice a bit more of my body showing. I really did need to tempt you into clicking. But you can also clearly see that the dress is short and it shows off my cleavage and also my legs. Did you notice that I am wearing High Heels?

High Heels

High Heels

Did I mention yet that I also love to wear high heels. I think that for an Asian Shemale, its very important to wear heels as much as we can. We by dna are much smaller than a lot of other women. This helps us ensure that we are not over looked! 🙂

So guys now that you know a little more about me, Sapphire Young Asian Shemale. Please make sure to check out my website by clicking one of the images above. I would really appreciate and and hope that you also join me!

Kisses and hugs!
Sapphire Young