Heels stockings and panties.

Wow. Hey guys it’s me, Sapphire Young. Like all the other girls in this network we are starting to take a more active role in our blogs so that we can better share our day to day lives. That means that we wont always post photos or videos but we will try to post something every day. We want you to enjoy it all and get to know us. So for my first post this week its all about Heels stockings and panties.

The photo below was actually one of a set that I really enjoyed. I liked it because of the way the lingerie felt on my body. While putting it all on for the photos I actually got hard and had to push my cock down in the the silky softness of the panties. Of course as my luck would have it as my fingers pushed my cock down, my cock got even stiffer because it thought I was caressing it. So it took that much longer for me to lose the erection for the photos.

Heels stockings and panties

I am looking for some honest opinions on this sample photo. Its a bit smaller than the other ones but It’s for sharing with you. So make sure and comment below. Let me know what you think about it. Be specific. For instance, I love my hair and sexy little smile in this photo. I think that besides the heels stockings and panties its the sexiest part. Its a mix of shock and also a hint of a mischievous smile. But that’s just kind of how I am. Jijiji

Oh yes I forgot to mention that the girls and I wanted to make sure to thank you all for being so helpful and consistent in this difficult time. We know that hard times have landed squarely in the laps of a lot of people. I am one for instance. Right now I am residing in the Philippines and things have been hell. Lack of tourism has killed the economy, then the president is allowing some really bad things to happen in an effort to clean things up. Finally the storms that just hit with devastating force. However if I can remain strong so can you.

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Sapphire Young.

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Sapphire Young

Sapphire Young!

Sapphire Young the sexy Asian beauty you see in the image below is the fantasy girl you have been looking for. So in reality there is no reason to look further. She is the doll of your life so read on. Born in the Philippines she has traveled the Asian countries and enjoyed an amazing life. She also says that she wants to invite you to visit. Can you just imagine a stroll on the beach after lunch holding her hand. Stopping to kiss at the edge of the water as the waves pass your feet and slowly bury them. If you kiss long enough, maybe you will even get knee deep. Sapphire says kissing is the fastest way to turn her on. So brush your teeth and get ready to have some fun!

Keep in mind that Sapphire also has a website that was built to feature her. To show off the amazing body she has and to basically tell her story. To see that website, just click the link below. Once you have joined make sure to send a message to her and let her know. Also make sure to rate and comment on your favorite photo and videos sets in the members area.

Keep in mind that Sapphire Young is single and wants to meet a man of her dreams. So if you think that you have what it takes you might want to let her know you are interested. She also wants to be able to travel the world and make you the happiest man alive.

Click this image below to see the members area of Sapphires website!
Sapphire Young

Just so you know, that image is a lot bigger than it looks. If you want to see it a little better, right click it and view it in a new window. Its a gift from Sapphire to you!

Also feel free to click on the other posts on this website to see more of her. She is waiting for you.

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Can you guess what else I have for you guys? I have a profile page on a famous chat baord and I wanted to also share that with you. Check out more photos and info about me right here! Sapphire Young

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Sexy white angel trans

Sexy white angel trans!

I am an angel.. A naughty, avid angel practicing the art of arousal. Dressed in sexy lingerie, perfumed from head to toe I come today in these pictures that I love because I look divine, don’t I? This is what seduction means in my world, a world where my cock is ever-moist, hard, incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch.

I enjoy my erotic femininity to the fullest. I posed naked in this hypnotizing pictures confident that no man will resist me, they will desire me, want me naked on the bed, to lock with me in a sexual duel. No man can resist my seduction arts. But I practice these arts not just to get a man but to feel most alive.

Sexy white angel trans

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High heels Tuesday

High Heels.

Today I did one my favorite things. I went shoe shopping at the mall. I tried so many different styles and colors that it was hard to make up my mind as of which ones to choose. Sandals, boots, wedges, and of course the king of all shoes…high heels. I wanted ones that match my recently acquired set of fine lingerie. I have to admit that as the elegant and sophisticated lady I am I’m crazy about high heels. They never grow out of style and I love to wear them mostly with pencil skirts and silk blouses.

Although I would have bought 100 pairs I only got three pairs. Red, white, and blue. More than enough for the time being, but don’t think I will stay away from shoe stores for too long because shoes are my thing.

High Heels


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