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Asian Tranny Camshows! With real live Asians. Hahahha. Ok guys yes they do have Asian girls on these cam shows and your going to love them! Oh they also have plenty of other girls to chose from but for me, The Asian girls are the real turn on!

First of all, lets talk about Asian Tranny Camshows. These girls will work much harder for your tips than any of the others. Why you ask? Simply because they want it more. They also tend to need it more so they will do more for you on the show. If you like an Asian Tranny with long hair, Sexy firm tits and a nice cock! Then you have found heaven!

Another thing I want to tell you about with the Asian Tranny Camshows is that these girls mostly speak English. You wont find that with the Latin girls. Don’t get me wrong. The Latinas are as hot as hell but the Asian girls are amazing. Honestly once you have seen a few of the Asian girls you might want to compare some of the Latinas.

Don’t miss out on these amazing ladys and make sure to post some comments here on the blog so I know what you are looking for.

If the Live stream above is not playing:
Choose Firefox > Tools > Add-ons.
Select Plugins.

In the list of Add-ons, look for Shockwave Flash (another name for Flash Player) and check the status that appears to the right of the plug-in name.
Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

Below is a list of some of the Asian Tranny Camshows I have watched and enjoyed and I thought you might as well. If you take a few minutes and watch you will see how amazing these ladies are and how hard they will work for your tips and compliments. Also ask the girls if they have websites and check those out as well. Lots to enjoy with these Asian beauties.

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Upskirt cock.

Oopsy. Upskirt cock. I was trying on this little ballerina dress to wear for a party and I had a little oopsy. So I thought that sharing the photos would be fun. It was about 1 week before the party and I wanted to make sure this ballerina dress still fit. So I grabbed it from the closet and slipped it on without thinking about it. My girlfriend was standing there with hers on and she looked over at me and started laughing. Not that mean sort of laugh but the funny kind that makes you laugh as well. I had no idea what was going on so she grabbed me and moved me in front of the mirror. Oopsy!! Upskirt cock!

I swear to you as soon as I saw my cock sticking out it started to get hard. The shaft started to thicken and grow longer. The head of my cock started to very gently pulse as the blood flowed. I knew I had to stop it so my girlfriend did not see so I started taking the dress off. But I put it aside to put back on as soon as the photographer arrived. Funny thing is, as soon as I put it back on, the same thing happened again!

Upskirt cock

Its funny how special clothes can make you feel and hot they can also turn you on when you see yourself a sexy.


Someone recently asked for some Glam photos so here they are.

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Sapphire loves a huge cock

I find Sapphireyoung to be one hell of a hot shemale. I gave this bad girl from the Philippines some toys and she loved to play with them in front of the camera. In the next few weeks and months you will see hot action videos of her getting fuck by huge cocks. Sapphire  turns me on so bad, I have no doubt she’ll do the same to you. I love her silky skin and the best part about this shemale recruit is that she loves to get fucked by huge Cock!

Sapphire loved a huge cock

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T-girl’s ass fingered

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Asian T-Girl like Sapphireyoung with the sexual maturity and oozing sexuality of this beautiful tranny. Just watching her ass being fingered by her cousin and she moaning in pleasure feels inspirational. Go hard, Sapphire!

Tgirls ass fingered

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Heels stockings and panties.

Wow. Hey guys it’s me, Sapphire Young. Like all the other girls in this network we are starting to take a more active role in our blogs so that we can better share our day to day lives. That means that we wont always post photos or videos but we will try to post something every day. We want you to enjoy it all and get to know us. So for my first post this week its all about Heels stockings and panties.

The photo below was actually one of a set that I really enjoyed. I liked it because of the way the lingerie felt on my body. While putting it all on for the photos I actually got hard and had to push my cock down in the the silky softness of the panties. Of course as my luck would have it as my fingers pushed my cock down, my cock got even stiffer because it thought I was caressing it. So it took that much longer for me to lose the erection for the photos.

Heels stockings and panties

I am looking for some honest opinions on this sample photo. Its a bit smaller than the other ones but It’s for sharing with you. So make sure and comment below. Let me know what you think about it. Be specific. For instance, I love my hair and sexy little smile in this photo. I think that besides the heels stockings and panties its the sexiest part. Its a mix of shock and also a hint of a mischievous smile. But that’s just kind of how I am. Jijiji

Oh yes I forgot to mention that the girls and I wanted to make sure to thank you all for being so helpful and consistent in this difficult time. We know that hard times have landed squarely in the laps of a lot of people. I am one for instance. Right now I am residing in the Philippines and things have been hell. Lack of tourism has killed the economy, then the president is allowing some really bad things to happen in an effort to clean things up. Finally the storms that just hit with devastating force. However if I can remain strong so can you.

Make sure to support your favorite girl in the net work with great comments on her blog. Share the website address with friends and or post it on your twitter, facebook or Instagram.


Sapphire Young.

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