Sapphire Young sex toy time!

Sapphire Young sex toy time!

Hey you all. Need to say that Thailand bores me now and then. Like today for instance, just by myself, bored to death, with nothing else to do but playing with this funny thing that I ended up butt-fucking.

It started as a game but the thing totally made me cum. Besides the mess I made, check out the rest of the pictures… they are really nice. Don’t I look sexy in this magenta dress? Be the judge and let me know. Of course enjoy everything else, not only the dress 🙂 And now you can see what I mean by the title of Sapphire Young sex toy time! Its sex toy time again. So lets start fucking.

Sapphire Young sexy toy


For those of you who want to see more simply click the image or a text link above. Honestly I can not wait to read your comments in the members area of my site. Please be detailed about how you feel when looking at my photos and movies. Thanks. Hugs and kisses.


If you are still looking for samples you can find those here as well. But they are lower quality.

Click on this link for the samples.  Sapphire Young Naked!