Sapphire Young Selfie!

Sapphire Young Selfie! Its my newest photo set and while only a few photos of me I hope you like it and can see why I call it my  Sapphire Young Selfie!

For those of you who do not know, I live in the Philippines. Lately we have had a lot of bad storms and a lot of things have been broken. Including my camera that got a bit wet! Ok it got flooded and would only take black photos.  🙁

So as soon as I got a new phone I started snapping some photos and videos for you.

Take a look below!

Sapphire Young Selfie

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Big kisses and hugs to you all.


Sapphire Young Stroking his and her cock!

Sapphire Young Stroking his and her cock! I dont really know why but this action is such a turn on to watch and also to feel! To have my ladyboy cock hard. And then to have you standing in front of me with an erection. Holding both of our cocks in my hand while we stroke in and out at the same time. Feeling the shaft of your cock rub against the head and shaft of my cock.

It just makes me want to shoot a load of cum all over your cock and balls. And then lick it and also suck it off you! Check out the photo Sapphire Young Stroking his and her cock! and let me know if you find it as hot as I do!

Sapphire Young Stroking his and her cock

So guys. Tell me! Do you want to do something like this with me? Or would you rather focus on my big ladyboy tits? Maybe you would rather spend some time licking my tight ass and hole?

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Ladyboy Sapphire Young in Panties!

Ladyboy Sapphire Young in Panties! How would you like to take those panties off of me? And when I say how, I mean what method. Do you get it?? Hehehe.. Use your teeth please and from time to time pass your tongue across my skin on my legs. Slide my panties down in front and run your tongue down the top of my cock and gently bite the tip of the head of my tranny cock!

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Ladyboy Sapphire Young in panties

If you would lick my ass as you take them down. I want to hear about it. If you would rather tongue fuck my love hole. I need you to describe that to me.

Or if you would rather lick the clear cream off the tip of my cock because I am so excited, tell me about it. Then Kiss me very deeply and grab my cock and start to stroke us both off!

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Ladyboy Surprise! Sapphire has a Big one for you!

Ladyboy Surprise! Sapphire has a Big one for you! Now if your paying close attention you will see that I have a big surprise for you. Take a look at my photo below. That’s right its a Ladyboy Surprise! What? You don’t see it? Look close. No, Closer. Yes, right there between my legs.

No that’s not fake that’s my big ladyboy cock and I am certain that the more you look at it the more you will want it. And I am also certain the more I will want to give it to you. But I need to ask. What will you do with it?

Ladyboy Surprise

So tell me! Will you hold it in your hand and just squeeze it a little. Maybe caress and stroke the head of my cock with your fingers? Or are you more interested in sucking it. Licking it like a lollypop!

No matter what we will end up having a good bit of sex. Either I will penetrate your tight love hole. Or you will shove your big cock into mine. One way or another we are going to have sex.

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