Sex Toy. Do you have a favorite? And what or who is it?

Sexy Toy. Do you have a favorite? And what or who is it? I do and I have the sex toy with me in the photo below. This one is a big cock that is rather firm and I can use to penetrate my ass. And on one end it has a small and tight hole that I can fuck with my cock. So literally I can wear it as a cock cover and fuck someone else in the ass with this massive cock and have mine inside.

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Sex Toy

Of course not all toys are from a store. A lot of them are girls like me that just love to fuck! So if you dont have a living toy its time to find one.

Also if you dont have a real toy like mine. Then you might want to get one.

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Stripping! With Hung Asian Sapphire Young!

Stripping! With Hung Asian Sapphire Young! Watching any woman stripping is always nice. But to watch a Hung Asian Tranny like Sapphire Young Strip? Well thats just so sexy because she has much more to offer. With big beautiful tits. Perfect hair and smile and eyes. Then you move down her body and out pops that rock hard cock and on the other side! As tight tranny love hole waiting for you cock to invade.


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Sapphire Young Erections!

Sapphire Young Erections! So I am quite certain you can guess what is meant by Sapphire Young Erections! It means her erect cock. Sapphires cock being hard. Get it? yeah we knew you would. You guys are smart like that and just as in love with Sapphire Young as we are.

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Sapphire Young Erections

As you can see, oiled her cock looks even better. And it also looks amazing when not oiled. And another thing, You can always oil it for her!

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UpSkirt Sapphire Young! What a sexy Ladyboy!

UpSkirt Sapphire Young! What a sexy Ladyboy! So yes this is Sapphire Young and this set is called UpSkirt Sapphire Young! Now I have to admit it helped that she pulled the skirt up herself. But even still she would have let us take the photo and the videos as well.

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UpSkirt Sapphire Young

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Do you fuck ladyboy ass?

Do you fuck ladyboy ass? Lots of men do and they love it. Ladyboys are the tranny or shemale of the orient and they love cock more than most. In their mouths asses or any damn hole thats open and wet. Some of them you can fuck their nose if you want.

So when you want to fuck, fuck ladyboy ass and make sure to ram that cock deep and hard to make them cum as well.

Fuck ladyboy ass

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Sexy Pantyhose. How do you like a Trans Girl to dress?

Sexy Pantyhose. How do you like a Trans Girl to dress? So the question is, do you ask the trans girl to wear sexy pantyhose or anything special like that? Most men like to see something and I just want to know what it is clothing wise that turns you on!

Another thing men like is a specific way the girl wears her hair. Tell me about that as well! But tell me first about pantyhose! Heels or skirts!

In the image below I had on a thick pair of pantyhose that hid my cock very well. Even when it was hard it could not easily be seen.

Sexy Pantyhose

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Sexy Smile? Or is it devious?

Sexy Smile? Or is it devious? For us this looks like a sexy smile and a lot of other people agree. Some say devious though so it was decided to offer it up as a thought. Now for those of you who do not know Sapphire she is the lady with the sexy smile in the photo below. She is also a world famous ladyboy because she loves to five herself hot facial cumshots!

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Sexy Smile

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