Sapphire Young Selfie!

Sapphire Young Selfie! Its my newest photo set and while only a few photos of me I hope you like it and can see why I call it my  Sapphire Young Selfie!

For those of you who do not know, I live in the Philippines. Lately we have had a lot of bad storms and a lot of things have been broken. Including my camera that got a bit wet! Ok it got flooded and would only take black photos.  🙁

So as soon as I got a new phone I started snapping some photos and videos for you.

Take a look below!

Sapphire Young Selfie

If you would like to help me replace my camera that would be really sweet. The best way is to grab a membership at my site. Just join today and thats a big help.

Otherwise if you want to help me by sending money that can also be arranged. Just let me know with an email from the members area or post a comment here on this site.

or post a comment here on this site.

Big kisses and hugs to you all.