Transparent panties and heels

Who loves to check out a hot and hung trans girl wearing transparent panties and heels? Yeah I was thinking the same thing. That topic came up and my cock jumped right to the standing position waiting to be stroked. And when I found this photo of Sapphire in transparent panties and heels. Well I just had to share it to make sure your cock was getting the attention it needs. That is how I roll. Always thinking about you and your needs as well.

As you are reading this, you can clearly see that the focus is not just on the transparent panties. But also on the heels and of course the legs and stockings that are in them. Sapphire loves to show off her body and in the most sensual ways. She often wears stockings and heels and can never get enough of showing off her panties either!

So now that you have this sample photo below. Which by the way is smaller than whats in the members area. What do you plan to do with it? It is hot for sure. But there are other photos in the set that are much hotter. And those photos are a click away. Support Sapphire and get your membership today!
Transparent panties and heels

You and your cock already know you want to see the rest of this set and all of the transparent panties and heels photos. So Click!

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Author: Sapphire

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