Yeah I know. I post a lot of photos of lingerie. But I think you guys are going to like the story behind this one. So take a look at the image below. Then keep reading. Or if you want to skip ahead you can click the image or a text link and see this in the members area of my website.

So I was getting ready to go out when a friend dropped by and wanted to give me a gift. He opened the bag and it had this lingerie in it. Well to say the least I fell in love with it right away. And I also wanted to share it. So I got dressed in this and stood by the window where other people could see me. And I had my friend snap some photos of me. I really hope you like them. I felt so glamorous and sexy doing that. And I could even see some people in the next building watching as I posed. It was so hot that my cock got hard and started dripping.

Take a peek at the photo now and tell me what you think. Do you like it as much as I did?


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Author: Sapphire

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