Hung Trans girl.

Yes guys it is me. Sapphire Young, your favorite and Hot Hung Trans girl. This photo was so sexy I just had to share it. When the photog told me to do this, I did not think it would look good. But my cock was rock hard and the pushing of my hips on it was amazing. It made me tingle from my ass to my toes. Even my nipples got into the game and got hard.

Click on the image to check out the whole set. You have to admit that my lingerie has the perfect color for my skin. And its sexy. Did I also mention that the panties looked amazing trying to hold my cock? Yeah another must see. Dont miss out. Click now.

Hung Trans girl

So I called this Hung Trans girl because I have been told many times that I am hung. The obvious part is me being a trans girl. For me having a 9.8 inch cock does not make me hung but a lot of boys says yes. So I guess. But you tell me what you think???

Click now to see the rest of this set of me in some amazing and sexy lingerie. Your going to love it and shoot a huge load from your hard cock. Click now and lets cum together.

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Author: Sapphire

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